Monday, September 24, 2007

All-White Juries vs. the "Group Juror" Concept

I also think we should present a direct challenge to the caselaw and the fake belief in color-blindness by, for example, insisting on the abolition of all-white juries. I think we should advocate the "Group Juror" concept, under which every jury must have at least one member who is of the skin-color/ethnic group/linguistic group of the defendant.

Whites will say that this is unconstitutional. We will counter with this question: "Why is it constitutional to have all-white juries but unconstitutional to have one member on the jury who is Black?"

We will probably not win this change on the short term, but we will put America's all-white juries on trial, make the findings of all-white juries (Mychal D. Bell) appear inherently suspect, and focus national attention on color-based injustices in the criminal (in)justice system.


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