Friday, September 21, 2007

Nooses Found At High School In High Point (NC copycat)

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WFMY news 2 | 9/21/07 | Sarah Lanse, Free Republic

Posted on 09/21/2007 11:14:47 AM PDT by Rb ver. 2.0

Police are trying to figure out who hung at least four nooses at Andrews High School in High Point.

High Point -- School leaders found and removed four nooses at Andrews High School in High Point Friday morning.

Police and school leaders are looking for a fifth noose.

Police don't know if it's connected to the Jena 6 incident in Louisiana. They think it could also be a prank from Asheboro High School. Andrews and Asheboro face off Friday night in football.

Police are interviewing Andrews football players, students and faculty to try and develop leads.

Students will be making signs, saying they won't tolerate this type of behavior.

The school system is sending letters home with students. They're also activating their connect-ed system to send a voice message to parents' homes explaining what happened.

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